How Social Media Is Changing The Game For Your Business: Essential Tips You Need To KnowAugust 26, 2022

Social media has become the go-to place for businesses to reach their target audience, no matter what niche you are in or how big or small your business is. From beauty bloggers on YouTube to fashion vloggers on Instagram and even bloggers who focus on a specific industry — such as the do-it-yourself blog from April Wilkerson (designed by our good friend Tyler Haag at Analytik Design) — social media has become the new frontier for businesses to not only advertise themselves but also connect with their target audience. This article will introduce you to some of the essential tips that will help you use social media effectively to promote your business and expand your audience.

Know Your Audience

The first step to succeeding on social media is knowing your audience. By understanding who is engaging with your content and where they are, you can tailor your content to best meet the needs of that audience. Social media marketing has become increasingly niche, with bloggers and influencers creating content around specific topics like travel, beauty, or parenting. While social media has always been somewhat niche, it is now more important than ever to know your specific niche first before diving into marketing on any social platform. If you don’t know your audience well, you could be wasting a lot of time and money on a platform where your target customers aren’t even engaged.

Create A Solid Content Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to use social media for your business is to focus on creating solid content that engages your audience. This can be videos, blog posts, infographics, or even podcasts. By creating engaging content that your audience wants to consume, you are increasing the likelihood that they will engage with your content and potentially become customers. Some social media platforms, such as Instagram, even allow you to include a link in your bio that directs people to your website. Creating a strong content marketing strategy can help you use social media to drive traffic to your website and encourage people to buy from you.

Use Video Marketing

Video marketing has become increasingly popular over the years as people are spending more and more time watching videos on social media. However, video marketing statistics show that marketers still aren’t taking advantage of this marketing opportunity and are missing out on engaging their audience. The best way to use video marketing on social media is to create short videos that are easily digestible and either share them on a relevant social media platform or upload them to a video-sharing platform such as YouTube. Almost all of the top social media platforms now have a built-in video feature, so you can share your video on whichever platforms make sense for your business. By creating video content, you can easily engage your audience and explain your product or services in a more visual and enticing way.

Find The Right Partners

Another way to use social media to promote your business is to find the right partners. Whether you are looking for brands that offer complementary products or influencers who might be interested in partnering with you, you can use social media to connect with these people. Instagram, in particular, has become the go-to platform for influencers to connect with each other. With hashtags like #collab and #partner, Instagrammers are able to find each other and connect to share their content and products. You can use these same hashtags to connect with potential partners, especially if you are a smaller business looking to partner with other brands.

Don’t Forget About Facebook Ads

Although you may be focusing on other platforms, don’t forget about Facebook Ads. While you can use other social media platforms to find your audience, Facebook Ads can help you find the most engaged and interested people and bring them to your website. Facebook Ads can be highly effective if you know how to use them correctly, which is why it’s important to not forget about them for your social media marketing strategy. Using Facebook Ads can help you reach a wider audience and promote your business, but you want to make sure you choose the correct targeting so that your ad really resonates with your customers.


Social media has become an essential tool for businesses to connect with their customers and grow their audience. While it used to be more of a place for businesses to advertise their product or service, now it is a place where businesses can build their brand and engage with their audience. In order to succeed on social media, you need to know your audience and create a solid content marketing strategy. Use video marketing, find the right partners, and don’t forget about Facebook Ads to boost your social media marketing efforts.

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